DCOS 1.1 is Generally Available

Sep 03, 2015

Michael Hausenblas


I'm happy to share the good news with you: as of today, DCOS 1.1 is generally available. This is mainly a bug-fix release we created based on what we've learned from you using it, so thank you for the feedback and keep it coming! If you have not yet tried out the DCOS, have a look at the getting started guide.


What's New In DCOS 1.1?


  • CoreOS is updated to 717.3.0, including support for Docker Registry and other enhancements.
  • Operational improvements around log rotation, efficient disk space usage, and the ability to lock down DCOS versions to improve system stability and uptime.
  • The native Marathon 0.9 version with its own set of enhancements.
  • Over 50 other fixes and enhancements to DCOS.


How Do I Get Help When I'm Stuck?


  • As it always has, the documentation is your friend ;)
  • If you don't find it in the docs, join our public Slack community where you can hang out with fellow DCOS users, Mesosphere engineers and folks from the product team.
  • If you rather prefer a more intimate space, we have a private Intercom chat session embedded in the DCOS web interface. Click the chat icon in the bottom-left side of the page to start an Intercom chat with a member of the Mesosphere team.


And now I wish you all the fun test-driving DCOS 1.1 and maybe we meet on Slack or Intercom!

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