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How to Avoid Kubernetes Deployment Pitfalls | D2iQ

Oct 26, 2022

Michael Neubarth


Success in the Cloud: How to Avoid Kubernetes Deployment Pitfalls

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Webinar Details
Success in the Cloud: How to Avoid Kubernetes Deployment Pitfalls
November 15, 2022 
12:00 PM EST / 9:00 AM PST

For organizations looking to succeed in their modernization efforts, our upcoming webinar will offer insights that could help you avoid the missteps that have caused other Kubernetes efforts to fail.  

Although Kubernetes has become the de facto standard platform for cloud-native digital innovation, it is a complex technology that requires sophisticated expertise to implement correctly, and that expertise is in short supply.

As Fairwinds CEO Bill Ledingham explains, “Even though Kubernetes is now the most widely used container orchestrator, a lot of businesses are new to the process and wrestling with how to run production workloads.” 

This complexity, says Ledingham “can be crippling for organizations that don’t understand how to optimize the Kubernetes platform through the use of additional technologies.”  

Kubernetes Highs and Lows

Although it’s been a watershed year for Kubernetes adoption, surveys show that a large number of organizations are failing in their cloud and Kubernetes efforts. 

A recent Wall Street Journal article, for example, cited a KPMG survey that showed that roughly 67% of 1,000 senior technology leaders at U.S. firms across industries said they have yet to see a significant return on cloud investments.

Other survey numbers tell a similar story:
  • 95% said they have difficulty selecting, deploying, and managing Kubernetes
  • 72% cited lack of centralized control as among the top challenges for managing Kubernetes
  • 51% cited lack of internal experience and expertise

Skills Gap Takes Its Toll

Many Kubernetes deployments fail because organizations underestimate the complexity of Kubernetes and overestimate their ability to deploy and manage a Kubernetes platform.

As David Linthicum of Deloitte Consulting notes, “Many organizations made mistakes during the pandemic with overly complex infrastructure and without proper consideration of the operational impact.”

Organizations with the right strategic approach have been able to realize success. As Deloitte’s Cathleen Domes notes, “the more mature and savvy organizations are seeing the most radical benefits.”

Stop the Bleeding and Avoid Disaster

Want to succeed in the cloud rather than become a failure statistic? Take this opportunity to learn from two of the leading Kubernetes experts how to avoid the most serious deployment pitfalls. 
You will learn:
  • The 5 deadliest Kubernetes deployment sins and how to avoid them
  • The components and steps required to make Kubernetes a production-ready platform
  • How to successfully leverage platform engineering and centralized management
  • How to upscale cloud provider Kubernetes to support mission-critical applications
  • How to create a smart cloud-native platform that will accommodate continual innovation

Meet Us Here

November 15, 2022 at 12:00 PM EST / 9:00 AM PST
Presenters: Tobi Knaup, D2iQ co-founder and CEO,  and Dan Ciruli, D2iQ VP of Product Management

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