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Apache Myriad, for running Hadoop YARN on Mesos, releases version 0.1

Dec 14, 2015

Michael Hausenblas


2 min read

The Apache Myriad Incubator project, which enables the Hadoop YARN resource manager to run as an Apache Mesos framework, has announced the 0.1 release and Mesosphere is excited about it. Together with eBay and MapR, we started to work on this OSS project roughly a year ago and made considerable progress. Then, in February 2015, the project was submitted to the Apache Software Foundation and the number of early users and committers has kept on growing.
Apache Myriad is all about bringing together the Hadoop and Mesos communities, enabling elastic big data processing for everyone. I'm thrilled about the opportunities in this space and actually gave a couple of Apache Myriad talks this year, most recently at the Mesos NYC User Group:
At every meetup the feedback was great: People wanted to use it right away. Which is why I'm so glad to see the first community release now out of the door.
And soon, you'll be able to try it out very easily yourself on the Mesosphere Datacenter Operating System:
For a little more color, have a look at what our peers at MapR have to say about this milestone for Myriad.

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