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Apache Mesos deep dive

Oct 20, 2014

Patrick Reilly


Hello, and welcome to the Mesosphere's Mesos community webcast series...


Today we will have Vinod Kone, who is the technical lead for Mesos at Twitter and was on the original Mesos team with Ben Hindman.


Vinod has been at Twitter for three years. His interests lie in distributed systems, networks and open source.


He is an active Apache Mesos committer, as well as a member of the PMC. Previously, he completed his PhD in Computer Science from the University of California Santa Barbara.


Today we will cover these (3) key Mesos concepts:


  • Slave Recovery — Automatic recovery from slave crashes
  • Authentication — Only allow authenticated frameworks and slaves to connect to a Mesos master, and
  • Access Control Lists — How mesos manages authorization specifically for individual actions using ACLs


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