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Jupyter Notebooks-as-a-Service

Instant access to a variety of frameworks, toolkits, and libraries that are pre-installed and ready to be deployed securely across any infrastructure.

Secure Collaboration

Easily and securely connect to a variety of enterprise data sources to enable collaboration and improve deployment times.

Enterprise-Grade Supportability

Deep integrations between Notebooks and data service technologies such as Spark and TensorFlow to accelerate model training and improve the velocity of experiments.

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How Data Scientists Benefit

Empower Data Scientists with easy access to modeling enterprise data while ensuring that access policies are compiled to mitigate risks of data loss. With Data Science Engine, your teams can quickly get the data they need to develop accurate and efficient models.
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How DevOps Benefit

Organizations can now enjoy greater efficiency by removing productivity barriers for onboarding new team members. With the DC/OS Data Science Engine, your DevOps team can focus on building more cloud native applications.
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How Line-of-Business Owners Benefit

With DC/OS Data Science Engine, line-of-business owners can adopt new and emerging data services on-premises, in the cloud, or on edge infrastructure. With secure connectivity to notebooks, data sets, analysis, and models, business owners can encourage collaboration, improve deployment times, and dramatically lower costs.

Features and Benefits

Automated Operations

Automation platform with built-in lifecycle and operational expertise.

High Density Services

Increased utilization by deploying multiple data and analytics services on the same infrastructure without requiring virtualization.


Ensure data and analytics services health meets the organization’s requirements in the event of a malfunction or provider outage.

Performance and Health Monitoring

Responsive metrics that integrate with an organization's existing enterprise or cloud SIEM and monitoring systems, providing insight into performance and data health.

Security and Encryption

Increased security with automatic configuration of TLS encryption for communication between services. Connect and scale new services through automated service discovery.

Advanced Networking

Safeguard data and analytics service network isolation and control through policy-driven software-defined networking.

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