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Faster Time to Market

Reduce the manpower needed to stand up a production-ready Kubernetes environment and quickly address your application development needs.

Flexible Deployment Options

Empower deployment both on-premises and in the cloud.

Enterprise-grade Supportability

Reduce the operational complexity of getting assistance when challenges arise and the potential for longer term operational impact.

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Free trial now includes:

  • Dispatch — a cloud native CI/CD platform
  • KUDO — the declarative Universal Operator
  • Kommander — federated cross-cluster management

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How Line-of-Business Owners Benefit

With D2iQ as a trusted advisor, line-of-business owners can more easily make difficult technological decisions, and gain needed expertise for integration and successful Day 2 operations. By using preselected, reliable and safe service choices, they also reduce months of effort for new initiatives and gain peace of mind.
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How Architects Benefit

Provide immediate value to Architects with a production-ready Kubernetes distribution that includes operationally ready services for Day 2 needs such as monitoring, logging, visualization, load-balancing, networking, DNS, and more. Using this packaged set of enterprise-grade services, Architects can focus on satisfying your organization’s application needs instead of on addressing basic infrastructure and operational requirements.
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How Operations Benefit

Empower operational teams to prepare for, deliver and manage Kubernetes with significantly greater ease and peace of mind. Full-stack support for Kubernetes and the complete stream of supporting operational services significantly reduces the operational complexity of getting assistance and the potential for longer term operational impact.

Features and Benefits

Complete Kubernetes Solution

Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) conformant pure Kubernetes distribution with a full suite of integrated and supported components delivering an end-to-end solution

CNCF Certified Partner

CNCF certified Kubernetes distribution, Service Provider, and Training Partner

Real-world Cloud-Native Workload and Scale Testing

Robust testing methodology for delivering application assurance and reducing production risk

Access Your Applications

Easily automate and expose application endpoints via Traefik and Metal-LB for ingress and load balancing

Service Discovery

Connect and scale new services through automated service discovery


Gain deep insight into your Kubernetes platform and applications to via industry standard logging with Telegraf, Prometheus and Grafana. Also supports Datadog

Logging and Metrics

Collect and analyze logs and metrics to ensure optimal performance and troubleshooting with Elastic, Kibana, and Fluentbit

Infrastructure Automation

Modular Ansible and Terraform automation for public cloud and on-premise providers

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Ensure business continuity and disaster recovery with Velero

End-to-End Support

Enterprise-grade support and services for the entire platform including all components

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