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Consolidated Multi-Cluster Governance

Deliver visibility and centralized governance of disparate clusters across any physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure, while maintaining compliance.
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Simplified Operational Management

Drive federated role-based policy across clusters to reduce operational overhead and redundant effort.
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Greater Management Flexibility

Empower division of labor across developers and operations with centralized authentication and authorization.
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Delivering Centralized Governance

Kommander is a single-view management plane which empowers central IT to take control over the exploding landscape of Kubernetes infrastructure. With Kommander, organizations can centrally govern Kubernetes clusters and associated workloads, while ensuring lifecycle management, unified policy, and better performance insights across lines of business. All of which helps IT organizations prevent sprawl of resources, improve resource allocation, and minimize manual efforts in deployment and ongoing management.

Features and Benefits

Operational Dashboard

Unlimited multi-cluster visibility and operational simplicity

Centralized Monitoring and Analytics

Comprehensive cluster health monitoring and analytics for efficacy

Lifecycle Automation

Zero downtime during service operations such as upgrades and new service additions

Service Catalog

Easy deployment of a wide range of open source cloud native services

Service-Mesh Integration

Future proof cross-cluster deployments

Kubernetes Version Control

Ensure conformance and compliance with applicable regulations

Network & Load Balancer Integration

Swappable CNI solution to run clusters that are stretched or disjointed

Integration with KUDO Operators

Deploy stateful applications for use with persistent storage on Kubernetes clusters

Governance Policy Administration

Policy management for Kubernetes clusters

Centralized Authorization and Authentication

Secure authorization and authentication with single sign-on across an organization’s cluster footprint

Patented Workload Metadata Management

Enable multi-cluster governance without requiring virtualization

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