D2iQ • March 04, 2020
D2iQ Launches Dispatch to Accelerate Continuous Integration and Delivery of Cloud Native Applications
Cloud native platform empowers enterprises with modern GitOps processes to more efficiently build, deploy and manage application lifecycles
SAN FRANCISCO, Mar. 04, 2020 -- D2iQ, the leading provider of enterprise-grade cloud platforms that power smarter Day 2 operations, today announced the general availability of Dispatch, an integrated GitOps platform for rapidly building and deploying cloud native microservices-based applications. By enabling a clear separation of responsibilities between application developers and operators, Dispatch provides enterprises with the flexibility, speed and consistency required to enhance DevOps processes for successful Day 2 operations.

With increased demand for software engineering teams to deliver more features at a faster pace, organizations are struggling to reduce complexity and accelerate the development and delivery of new application capabilities. They require automated and repeatable deployment workflows to free their organizations from the traditional difficulties of getting new code into production, while decreasing the time-to-value for new innovations.

Dispatch enables developers and operators to transition to modern GitOps processes, with a full lifecycle of continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD) capabilities to simplify the delivery of new code for their audiences. Dispatch is built upon prevailing open source technologies to ensure tremendous organizational flexibility allowing developers to focus on continuous build of new code and operational resources to focus on continuous deployment of new code.  The result is a development environment that simplifies and automates the often complex tasks of pushing new code, rapidly testing it and immediately getting it into production. 

"Moving from legacy to cloud native applications is becoming a requirement for organizations that want to keep pace with the digital economy," said Ben Hindman, co-founder and chief product officer, D2iQ. "Dispatch leverages D2iQ's expertise in building distributed systems for some of the largest global organizations to deliver business logic that enables enterprises to accelerate their cloud native CI/CD pipeline through GitOps processes. This empowers organizations with a clear path to success and business impact as their cloud native journey continues to Day 2 operations."

Dispatch delivers a number of benefits across three core categories, including:

  • Developer Empowerment: Dispatch empowers developers with a single-pipeline solution that builds anywhere, without requiring configuration changes. By providing a powerful, easy-to-use build orchestration tool, multiple declarative languages to configure pipelines and personal development environments, Dispatch increases productivity enabling developers to independently manage their pipeline, without central teams slowing them down. This significantly enhances the developer experience.
  • Operational Freedom: With GitOps code repositories for the configuration of a Kubernetes cluster, application or other infrastructure, Dispatch provides operators with the flexibility to make localized pipeline changes without affecting the global state of the system, while also empowering operators to validate without user impact. Dispatch also provides operational freedom over a variety of target environments and can be deployed locally or on private/public cloud Kubernetes, standardizing the CI/CD process across the organization. While Dispatch can run independently of other D2iQ products, the platform is optimized to run on D2iQ Konvoy, providing immediate benefit to customers when the solutions are deployed together.
  • Cloud Native Foundation: Dispatch is built from the ground up with open-source cloud native technologies, enabling developers to take advantage of the feature-rich infrastructure. This infrastructure allows developers to seamlessly integrate their underlying Kubernetes features into their build while providing choices to improve their specific platform over time as new technologies advance.

D2iQ Dispatch is available now and is bundled with D2iQ's Kubernetes distribution Konvoy. To test drive Dispatch and Konvoy, please sign up to download a free trial here.

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