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Rethinking Cyber Security: Air-Gapping in Unconventional Places

May 02, 2023

Michael Neubarth


Air Gapped Advantages in a Non-air-gapped world: When and Why to Air-gap Your Kubernetes Clusters.

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Air-gapped Advantages in a Non-Air-gapped World

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Cyber security has become a top priority across all industry sectors, public and private. Securing a Kubernetes environment presents new challenges to organizations that are transitioning from traditional IT infrastructures to container management solutions in the cloud. 

As D2iQ VP of Product Management Dan Ciruli points out in “Air-gapped Advantages in a Non-Air-gapped World,” surveys show a large percentage of Kubernetes environments are vulnerable to attack, as high as 87%.
Slide: Why Should I Air-gap?

And as ESG principal analyst Paul Nashawaty notes, as cloud adoption accelerates, cloud sprawl, cluster sprawl, and the number of production applications running in the cloud have created a critical need to secure those applications.

Strengthen Security with Strategic Air-Gapping

The best way to minimize exposure to cyber attacks is to isolate data by deploying an air-gapped environment that has no connection to the Internet and limits human access. 

Although highly effective, air-gapping is not a widespread practice and is used mainly to protect an organization’s most sensitive data. 

However, with so many areas of vulnerability to protect and a range of air-gapping approaches available, organizations can apply air-gapped security measures in places that have not generally been considered candidates for air-gapped protection.

D2iQ Eases Air-Gapped Deployments

There are a host of challenges involved in creating an air-gapped environment for a Kubernetes environment. Through careful planning, you can create an effective air-gapped environment that will limit your exposure to breaches.

The D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP) provides full support for physically and logically air-gapped clusters, including the unique capability to perform an air-gapped deployment in minutes with just a few clicks. DKP also simplifies full air-gapped deployments via self-contained images and purpose-built automation. With many government programs requiring fully air-gapped deployments, DKP’s proven ease of installation in those use cases provides a distinct advantage.

To gain a new perspective on the potential places various air-gapping approaches can be used to strengthen your organization’s security, watch the full replay of “Air-gapped Advantages in a Non-Air-gapped World.”

Featured Webinar: Air-gapped Advantages in a Non-air-gapped World

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