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EvaluScale Finds D2iQ a Container Management Platform Leader

Aug 11, 2022

Alex Hisaka


EvaluScale Finds D2iQ a Container Management Platform Leader

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Download the full 2022 EvaluScale Insights report here.
D2iQ continues to win not only customers in the public and private sectors, but also recognition from industry analysts who are affirming the unique value offered by the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP). Most recently, the 2022 EvaluScale Insights report named D2iQ a Leader in Container Management Platforms for the IT enterprise in two major categories, Container-Forward and Fast-Track Win.
A Container-Forward customer, says EvaluScale, “has made the decision to standardize his future computing architecture on Kubernetes containers and microservices application development.” These customers “place the highest value on Global Enterprise Functionality, the ability to manage a Hybrid Environment and Vendor Trust.”   

A Fast-Track Win customer, says EvaluScale, “has the responsibility to rapidly build and deploy an application which will deliver visible innovation for his company as soon as possible.” 

The EvaluScale rating for each vendor product is determined through in-depth review and analysis obtained from vendor interviews, user reviews, hands-on testing, and client engagements. The findings are reflected in the latest EvaluScale Insights publication.

Transformational Challenges 

One of the findings from EvaluScale Insights is that the accelerated growth of the container market has made it difficult for many well-established companies to make the transition to containers. These companies have large, stable application environments with several million lines of code that are difficult to replicate in the cloud. 

As Evaluator Group consultant Janae Stow Lee explains in a video interview, containers can only benefit a company if implemented and managed effectively. Even after a migration, it can be difficult to find staff with the necessary skills to manage a container deployment. “Because these necessary skills are very scarce in the market, it tends to drive you to a service-based offering where the vendor takes more responsibility.”

On the other hand, while service-based offerings can make container management easier, they also come with some tradeoffs that can make adoption difficult for organizations. With an all-in-one managed service, the service provider controls the service level, the security, and the governance, says Stow Lee. “As a customer, you might want to have more control over some of those items which might cause you to choose a container management platform,” he explains. 

Critical Capabilities for Container Management  

To ease the decision-making process, Evaluator Group developed a list of key capabilities for choosing a container management solution—one of those is “Global Enterprise Functionality.” 

As Stow Lee notes, “The kind of things that are important in global enterprise management is the ability to manage from a single pane of glass with drill down, the ability to apply configuration security posture across a fleet of containers in an automated way, and having observability with notifications, alerts, and all of the things you want your system to support.”

These criteria correspond with the reasons businesses and government agencies are deploying DKP. Besides being managed from a single management plane, DKP is FIPS 140-2 compliant and meets all the NSA/CISA Kubernetes security hardening guidelines, giving customers like Empower AI (formerly NCI Information Systems) and the U.S. Air Force assurance that their environments provide military-grade security protection. In addition, DKP Insights analyzes the alerts, metrics, logs, and events from Kubernetes clusters managed by DKP for potential issues and operational challenges. 

In finding D2iQ a Leader in its Container-Froward category, Evaluator Group notes, “D2iQ has a strong focus on professional services and Kubernetes and distributed computing talent. The solutions are cloud-agnostic, allowing enterprises to leverage containers across hybrid and multi-cloud environments while providing developers a common development experience across clouds.” 

In finding D2iQ a Leader within its Fast-Track category, Evaluator Group notes, “Customers needing to rapidly bring up a data science environment or big data application will see the Kaptain and catalog modules as providing fast-time-to usage.“D2iQ’s long-standing expertise in distributed big data applications may also provide customers with the assistance they need to get big data applications properly configured and in production quickly.”

D2iQ’s already strong Kubernetes platform will be enhanced even further in the upcoming DKP 2.3 and Kaptain AI/ML 2.1 releases.

Download the full 2022 EvaluScale Insights report here.

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