Cloudflare Argo Tunnels have arrived on DC/OS

Jan 21, 2019

Michael Beisiegel


3 min read

In today's digital world, your company needs to leverage multiple cloud providers to effectively run its business. In fact, Gartner predicts that multi-cloud will be the common strategy for 70% of enterprises by 2019. By running an application on multiple clouds, you can avoid vendor lock-in, run your applications on the cloud for which it's best suited, and dramatically lower your IT costs. However, the downside is that it can be hard to distribute traffic intelligently amongst them. Over-utilized or geographically distant servers add unnecessary latency and impact the customer experience. You need an uber networking solution that creates a secure and much closer entry point for data, rather than bouncing it between servers across the globe.
Enter Cloudflare. Cloudflare is one of the world's largest cloud network platforms that can manage traffic with whichever cloud provider you host your applications. It gives you all the things you used to need hardware for, such as routing, caching, firewall, load balancing, DDoS mitigation, but delivered to you as-a-service. And with Cloudflare Argo Tunnel, you can easily plug in all your services to the Cloudflare network. It's the fastest way to leverage all of the quality products the network offers (like load balancing and smart routing) to protect and enrich your services.
Today, we're delighted to share that Cloudflare Argo Tunnel is now available in the Mesosphere DC/OS Catalog. Cloudflare and Mesosphere DC/OS are great complements, both are cloud provider independent, giving users the freedom of choice. With today's announcement we are making it even easier to use the two in combination.
Cloudflare Argo Tunnel: Your Private Link to the Internet
Cloudflare Argo Tunnel is a private connection between your services and Cloudflare. Tunnel makes it so that only traffic that routes through the Cloudflare network can reach your service.
In other words, it's a private link. Only Cloudflare can see the service and communicate with it, and for the rest of the internet, the service is reachable only through the hostname configured on Cloudflare.
Argo Tunnel lets you quickly secure and encrypt application traffic to any type of infrastructure, freeing you to focus on delivering great applications from anywhere.
Cloudflare Argo Tunnel for DC/OS
Using Argo Tunnel for DC/OS is a fast way to make services that run on DC/OS private agents (that are only bound to the DC/OS internal network) accessible over the Internet.
When you launch the tunnel for your service, it creates persistent outbound connections to the two closest Cloudflare PoPs over which the entire Cloudflare network will route through to reach the service associated with the tunnel.
Configuring Argo Tunnel is easy: there is no need to configure DNS, update a NAT configuration, or modify firewall rules (connections are outbound) and you get all the benefits offered by the Cloudflare network (e.g. DDoS protection, CDN, smart Routing, TLS,  Firewall, WAF, Access, Analytics, etc.).
To get started, install the Cloudflare Argo Tunnel Service from the Mesosphere DC/OS catalog. And for more details on how to configure DC/OS Argo Tunnel check out our documentation.

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