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Are You One of the 67% Failing in the Cloud? How to Do Kubernetes Right

Nov 30, 2022

Michael Neubarth


Are You One of the 67% Failing in the Cloud? How to Do Kubernetes Right

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Are You One of the 67% Failing in the Cloud? How to Do Kubernetes Right
December 7, 2022 at 9:00 AM PST/12:00 PM EST

A recent Wall Street Journal article cited a KPMG survey that showed that roughly 67% of 1,000 senior technology leaders at U.S. firms across industries said they have yet to see a significant return on cloud investments.

The most common issues preventing a better return on cloud spending were insufficient skills of tech teams, additional security and compliance requirements, and a misalignment with expected outcomes, said Barry Brunsman, a principal in KPMG’s CIO Advisory group.

Our upcoming webinar will help you avoid these pitfalls and forge a clear path to success in the cloud.

Struggling with Kubernetes Complexity

A StormForge survey found that the two most significant causes of cloud waste were cloud complexity and intentionally over-provisioning. In particular, Kubernetes was cited as a significant contributor to cloud complexity, with 62% of those surveyed agreeing that it was a major or contributing factor. 

“A great deal of time and money is wasted on the cloud with poorly done Kubernetes implementations,” said Steven Vaughan-Nichols in summing up the survey’s findings.

Fairwinds CEO Bill Ledingham also addressed the Kubernetes complexity issue in “Where Are We on the Kubernetes Adoption Curve?” Even though Kubernetes is now the most widely used container orchestrator, he noted, “a lot of businesses are new to the process and wrestling with how to run production workloads.” 

Live or Die by the Cloud

Cloud-native technologies are critical for any organization that wants to survive and thrive in the current uncertain economic environment," says D2iQ CEO Tobi Knaup.

Forrester Research Principal Analyst Lee Sustar emphasizes the importance of creating a cloud-native infrastructure that can accommodate continual innovation. The cloud and Kubernetes are the cornerstone technologies that will provide the critical infrastructure for  digital innovation going forward, including AI-infused applications and hyperconnected networks

As Gartner distinguished vice president Milind Govekar asserts, “There is no business strategy without a cloud strategy.” 

Want to ensure that your organization won’t become a cloud failure statistic? Join our upcoming webinar in which ESG Analyst Paul Nashawaty and D2iQ VP of Product Management Dan Ciruli share their knowledge on how to avoid the most serious Kubernetes pitfalls and succeed in the cloud. This is a chance to obtain first-hand insights from some of the best minds in the Kubernetes space.

You will learn:
  • The deadliest Kubernetes deployment sins and how to avoid them
  • How to easily deploy a failure-proof Kubernetes platform
  • How to establish a platform that will accommodate continual innovation
  • How to upscale AWS EKS to support mission-critical applications

Meet Us Here

December 7, 2022 at 9:00 AM PST/12:00 PM EST
Are You One of the 67% Failing in the Cloud? How to Do Kubernetes Right

Presenters: Dan Ciruli, D2iQ VP of Product Management, and Paul Nashawaty, ESG Analyst

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If you missed our previous webinar on “Success in the Cloud: How to Avoid Kubernetes Deployment Pitfalls,” you can view it in its entirety here. 

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