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Open source is all about transparency and so are our terms & conditions

We are very grateful for your participation - as a current D2iQ customer or industry practitioner - as it helps us to make better products. Since you will often be getting a sneak peek at what’s coming and how we are innovating in the cloud-native journey space, that comes with trust on both ends and if you are not a current customer, you’ll be asked to sign an NDA before participating. Below are our terms & conditions we will support on our end and ask that you do the same on yours.  

Your participation and trust is so appreciated as it also supports the open source software community since we develop products to enable the entire CNCF ecosystem.

User Testing and Non-Disclosure Agreement

In connection with a proposed business relationship, D2iQ, Inc. (“Company”) has allowed you (the  individual, or entity, named below) access, or may allow you access, to business, technical or other  information, materials and/or ideas (“Proprietary Information,” which includes, without limitation, (a) the  manner in which any such information may be combined with other information, or synthesized, or used  by Company and (b) anything you learn, or discover, as a result of exposure to, or analysis of, any Proprietary Information). 

In consideration of any disclosure, and any negotiations concerning the proposed business relationship,  you agree as follows: 

  1. You will hold, in confidence, and will not possess, or use, or disclose any Proprietary Information  except information you can document (a) is in the public domain through no fault of yours, (b) was  properly known to you, without restriction, prior to disclosure by Company, or (c) was properly  disclosed to you by another person without restriction. You will not reverse engineer or attempt to  derive the composition or underlying information, structure, or ideas of any Proprietary Information. The foregoing does not grant you a license in, or to, any of the Proprietary Information. 
  2. You will promptly return all Proprietary Information and all copies, extracts, and other objects, or  items, in which Proprietary Information may be contained, or embodied, upon the end of your usability  test session with Company or upon Company’s request. 
  3. You will promptly notify Company of any unauthorized release, disclosure, or use of Proprietary  Information. 
  4. You understand that this Agreement does not obligate Company to disclose any information, or  negotiate, or enter into any agreement or relationship. You will ensure the security of any facilities,  machines, accounts, passwords, and methods you use to store any Proprietary Information, or to  access Company systems, and ensure that no other person has, or obtains, access thereto. 
  5. You understand that your usability test session will be recorded. You grant Company an unrestricted  license to use this recording for internal use only, including for the purpose of improving Company  products.
  6. The terms of this Agreement remain in effect with respect to any Proprietary Information until you can  document that such Proprietary Information falls into one of the exceptions stated in Paragraph 1  above. 
  7. You acknowledge, and agree, that due to the unique nature of the Proprietary Information, any  breach of this agreement would cause irreparable harm to Company for which damages are not an  adequate remedy, and that Company therefore is entitled to equitable relief (without being required to  post a bond) in addition to all other remedies available at law. 
  8. Until one (1) year after the later of: (i) the date of this Agreement or (ii) the last disclosure of  Proprietary Information to you, you will not encourage, or solicit, any employee, or consultant, of  Company to leave Company for any reason.

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