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Deploy on any infrastructure

Distribute and scale your applications across multiple clouds, data centers, and edge computing environments from a single DC/OS interface.

Modernized Enterprise Applications

Bridge the gap between traditional applications and microservices to enhance operational management of existing applications.

Increase Interoperability

Deploy, operate, and upgrade fast data, machine learning, developer, and other cloud native services that are properly tested for Day 2 and beyond.

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How Line-of-Business Owners Benefit

With DC/OS, IT organizations can deploy advanced cloud native technologies as-a-service while maintaining centralized governance. This helps reduce waste and cost. Additionally, D2iQ offers interoperability testing across multiple services and support to ensure an enterprise-grade experience.
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How Architects Benefit

DC/OS empowers architects to rapidly adopt open source and cloud native technologies within their private data centers. With DC/OS, architects can focus on building scalable architectures incorporating a wide variety of technology services without worrying about the underlying plumbing.
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How Data Engineers Benefit

DC/OS provides built-in service automation to simplify the deployment of complex technologies such as Kubernetes, Kafka, Jupyter, and TensorFlow. That means Data Engineers can focus on building, testing, and deploying their applications instead of on basic operations.

Features and Benefits

Validated Architecture

Powered by Apache Mesos, DC/OS is a proven resource manager that powers some of the world’s largest applications.

Broad Partner Ecosystem

The DC/OS Service Catalog provides access to over 100 modern fast data, machine learning, developer, and other cloud services.

Unified Experience

Easily scale your applications across multiple clouds, data centers, and edge computing regions.

Application Packaging

Install, scale, patch, and upgrade complex services such as Kubernetes, Spark, and Kafka with an “as-a-service” experience.


Leverage your infrastructure across multiple teams to increase utilization and control access across resources and workloads.

Enhanced Security

Secure modern distributed workloads to reduce exposure to security threats, simplify policy enforcement, and maintain compliance.

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