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Mesosphere is powered by a unique set of enterprise-grade capabilities that enable simplicity of integration, management, installation of services, authentication, security, and more--all built into the DC/OS platform.

Data Science Engine

An integrated, scalable, and secure data science workbench that brings together Jupyter Notebooks, Spark, and TensorFlow for accelerated model development and training--enabling organizations to increase ROI from their data science investments.

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Professional Services

Cloud Native Value Discovery Insight

A half-day workshop to review your cloud native use case.

Cloud Native Roundtable Insight

A two-day enablement workshop on cloud native concepts.

Cloud Native Strategy Insight

A workshop to produce an executive strategy and roadmap.

DC/OS Accelerator

An eight-week engagement that analyzes the entire lifecycle of Discovery, Design, Deployment, and Operations to help maximize your investment in the DC/OS platform.

Cloud Native Service Engineering (CNSE)

Provides custom development of Kubernetes or DC/OS core APIs and other ecosystem open source projects driven by customer requirements.

DC/OS Jumpstart

A 14-day engagement that includes Pre-engagement, Discovery, Deployment, and Operations to help you get started with DC/OS.

Cloud Native CoE (Center-of-Excellence)

Designed for business owners and application developers to successfully drive cloud native solutions in the enterprise.

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Training Services

DC/OS Day 2 Operations

An eight hour online course that covers the basics of troubleshooting, recovery, upgrades, scaling, monitoring, and security.

DC/OS Fundamentals

A 12-hour online course that covers the basics of DC/OS administration, including installation requirements, deploying containers and pods, service discovery, load balancing, and logging.

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Support Services

DC/OS Premium Support

24/7 support with advanced SLAs to meet your immediate infrastructure needs.

DC/OS Standard Support

24/7 support with less stringent SLAs to meet your infrastructure needs.

DC/OS Basic Support

9-5 support provided during business hours with simplified SLAs to meet your immediate response needs.

DC/OS Signature Success Plan (SSP)

24/7 support backed by the highest level SLAs. This support level also includes a Technical Account Manager to drive insights and high-touch resolution response.

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