Mesosphere Kubernetes Engine Illustration

Consolidated Management

Centralized control plane to manage multiple Kubernetes clusters across any environment.


Enable multiple teams to build and migrate their applications to isolated Kubernetes clusters.

Lifecycle Automation

Automate the management, upgrades, and provisioning of self healing clusters with enterprise security.

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How Line-of-Business Owners Benefit

MKE allows IT organizations to centralize scattered and sprawling Kubernetes clusters from a centralized platform. Line-of-business owners can gain peace-of-mind with reduced operational overhead, tightened security controls, and dramatically lower infrastructure costs.
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How DevOps Benefit

Empower development teams to easily adopt CNCF-certified pure Kubernetes and deploy their application across any infrastructure. Because MKE fully automates the entire Kubernetes lifecycle, DevOps teams can quickly scale clusters without any custom scripts or external automation tools.

Features and Benefits


Respawns malfunctioning Kubernetes master, etcd, and worker nodes without a single command.

Simple Provisioning

Reduce the steps needed to deploy a highly available Kubernetes cluster to a single command line.

Push-Button Scaling

Scale the cluster’s nodes—not just the hosted applications—to add more capability for spikes and usage growth.

Enhanced Security

Limit vulnerability and ease compliance with encryption between each solution component and more.

Easy Upgrades

Upgrade the cluster quickly after new Kubernetes versions release with a push of a button.

Calico Networking

Secure, policy driven, network provisioned, and configured with each Kubernetes cluster.

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