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Self-paced Learning

Learners can consume content in bite-sized chunks, at their own pace and on their own time.

Kubernetes and Beyond

Content ranges from core Kubernetes to the most popular adjacent technologies from the CNCF landscape including containerization, CI/CD, observability, and security—all on one platform.

Hands-on Labs

Practice what you are learning as you go with interactive labs, exercises and quizzes, all in real production grade or KIND clusters.

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How IT Managers Benefit

Conductor provides IT managers with the right content topics, length and on demand access to content to train their staff. Conductor's hands-on training capability enables staff to learn cloud native technology in a safe environment before deploying to their production environment. And the admin tracking functionality of Conductor can ensure that operators and developers have completed certain courses before they are given access to the organization’s production environment.
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How Developers Benefit

Developers can use D2iQ’s Conductor to consume only the content relevant to them. For example, they may not need to know all the in and outs of Kubernetes, but may be particularly interested in how to make reports in Grafana or how to instrument Prometheus. Developers can use the interactive environment to practice relevant concepts before doing anything in production. Development managers can track course progress and ensure that developers don’t get access to production systems before they are trained and ready.
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How Operations Benefits

D2iQ’s Conductor helps Operations teams get the training they need in Kubernetes and the adjacent technologies needed for production systems. Operators can train in a modular way, on their own time as needed. Conductor allows Operators to get hands-on practice in a controlled environment before making changes to anything in production.

Features and Benefits

Hands-on Practice With a Real Cluster

Hands on learning is the best way to learn cloud native concepts. The lab environment spins up clusters in your own environment and will also tear those clusters down when learners have finished their labs.

CNCF Certified Partner

Our content is created, edited and updated by our expert, CNCF certified training partner staff.

Real Time Exercise Validation

With real time exercise validation, the learner can be sure that they have put the cluster in the correct state by validating the cluster state when they are done with a lab/exercise.

Learning Beyond Core Kubernetes

Conductor provides content on Kubernetes as well as other cloud-native topics like containerization, CI/CD, observability, security all in one place.

Choice of deployment environment

The customer can deploy Conductor on prem or in their VPC environment. This gives the customer flexibility in how to manage and deploy Conductor and also eliminates any data privacy or breach concerns.

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