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Designed so companies can install Kubernetes with push-button ease. Konvoy is integrated with an opinionated set of supporting cloud native services so you can deliver an out-of-the-box, production-ready experience.

Mesosphere Kubernetes Engine (MKE)

Designed to assist companies in the move to a highly mature state of Kubernetes. By tapping into the power of DC/OS, MKE centralizes scattered and sprawling Kubernetes clusters across any environment, so you can reduce operational overhead and dramatically cut IT costs.

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Professional Services

Cloud Native Value Discovery Insight

A half-day workshop to review your cloud native use case.

Cloud Native Roundtable Insight

A two-day enablement workshop on cloud native concepts.

Cloud Native Strategy Insight

A workshop to produce an executive strategy and roadmap.

Kubernetes Accelerator

An eight-week engagement that covers the full-phase implementation and deployment of Konvoy Kubernetes distribution.

Konvoy Jumpstart

A two-week engagement that walks through the base installation and configuration of Konvoy, plus a planning workshop and knowledge transfer sessions.

Cloud Native CoE (Center-of-Excellence)

Designed for business owners and application developers to successfully drive cloud native solutions in the enterprise.

Cloud Native Services Engineering (CNSE)

Provides guidance on microservice design, deployment, operations management, and API integration, as well as the deployment of CI/CD toolchains to accelerate the software development lifecycle for cloud native applications.

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Training Services

MK100 - Kubernetes Fundamentals

An instructor-led learning offering designed to accelerate knowledge acquisition and prepare students for the CNCF Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Exam.

MK200 - Kubernetes Advanced Training

An instructor-led learning offering designed to educate Kubernetes administrators on the best practices and tools to operate multiple production clusters at enterprise scale and efficiency.

MK300 - Mesosphere Kubernetes Engine Training

An online, self-paced MKE training course that provides guidance on developing Kubernetes-as-a-Service or other cloud native services.

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Support Services

MKE Premium Support

24/7 premium support with advanced SLAs to meet your immediate needs.

MKE Standard Support

24/7 support with less stringent SLAs to meet your DC/OS based Kubernetes infrastructure needs.

MKE Basic Support

9-5 support provided during business hours with simplified SLAs to meet your DC/OS based Kubernetes infrastructure immediate response needs.

Konvoy Premium Support

24/7 premium support with advanced SLAs to meet your immediate Kubernetes infrastructure needs.

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