Data Processing


Scale enables on-demand, near real-time, automated processing of large datasets (satellite, medical, audio, video, ...) using a dynamic bank of algorithms. Algorithm execution is seamlessly distributed across thousands of CPU cores. Docker provides algorithm containerization. Apache Mesos enables optimum resource utilization.

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Pre-Install Notes

This DC/OS Service is currently in preview. We recommend a minimum of three nodes with at least 4 CPUs and 6GBs of RAM available for the Scale services and running Scale jobs. By default, the Elasticsearch package *must* be running within your DCOS cluster. If you wish to use an externally hosted Elasticsearch cluster, specify one or more of the nodes in comma delimited format in the SCALE_ELASTICSEARCH_URLS variable. For quick-start purposes, Scale is bootstrapped with a Postgres database and RabbitMQ broker. These should *NEVER* be used for production purposes as they offer no underlying storage persistence. The database can be replaced with an externally hosted Postgres by setting db-host and associated settings appropriately in the db section of configuration. An externally hosted RabbitMQ or Amazon SQS may be used by setting broker-url in the messaging section appropriately. If you are running DCOS in a security mode other than disabled, you will need to set the service-token in the dcos section of the Advanced Install. This value can be found within the dcos.toml file under in the dcos_acs_token value on a system with an authenticated DCOS CLI.

Tutorial documentation for Scale can be found here:

Post-Install Notes

The Scale DCOS Service has been successfully installed!

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