Datastax Enterprise backed by Portworx volumes

Pre-Install Notes

This DC/OS Service is maintained by Portworx.

Functionality supported in Opscenter includes Repair, Monitoring, Backup & Restore, as well as some basic admin tools including cleanup, restart, and drain. No other OpsCenter functionality is tested or supported within the DC/OS Integration.

Default configuration requires 3 agent nodes each with: 2.5 CPU | 8500 MB MEM | 11240 MB Disk.

Portworx should be installed on the Private Agents to be able to provision volumes.

Versions: DataStax Enterprise 5.1.2 (Standard and Max) & OpsCenter 6.1.2

Post-Install Notes

DC/OS Datastax Enterprise is being installed!

Documentation: https://docs.mesosphere.com/services/dse/2.3.0-5.1.2
Issues: support@portworx.com


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