Datastax Enterprise OpsCenter

Pre-Install Notes

This DC/OS Service is currently a beta candidate undergoing testing as part of a formal beta test program. There may be bugs, incomplete features, incorrect documentation, or other discrepancies.

Default configuration requires 3 agent nodes each with: 6.5 CPU | 23040 MB MEM | 32000MB Disk

More specifically, each instance type requires:

DSE node: 3 instances | 2.5 CPU | 12500 MB MEM | 1 10240MB Disk

OpsCenter node: 1 instance | 2 CPU | 6000 MB MEM | 1 10240 MB Disk

Contact Mesosphere and DataStax before deploying this beta candidate service. Product support is available to approved participants in the beta test program. Mutual Mesosphere and Datastax customers are eligible to participate in the beta program. Contact your rep at either company or By using this service you agree to the license terms here:

Versions: DataStax Enterprise 5.1.2 (Standard and Max) & OpsCenter 6.1.2

Post-Install Notes

DC/OS Datastax Enterprise OpsCenter is being installed!



The software listed above is solely subject to the license(s) listed here, as between you and the creator of the software. Mesosphere is not responsible for, and disclaims any indemnification, warranty of any kind either express or implied, or (unless described in a mutually executed written support agreement) support, with respect to the software listed here.

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