Webinar: How to Accelerate Kubernetes Adoption with Konvoy

Kubernetes is one of the fastest growing technologies within the cloud native landscape. Kubernetes enables companies to scale, be more agile, and reduce resource costs. However, it takes a lot of muscle to get a production-ready Kubernetes cluster built and ready to deliver live applications.

Join Kirk Marty, D2iQ’s Sales Engineering Manager, as he reviews the challenges with adopting Kubernetes and how D2iQ’s Konvoy can help you succeed.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why and how Kubernetes has experienced such explosive growth
  • The benefits of adopting Kubernetes in your organization
  • The core challenges of getting a production-ready Kubernetes environment
  • How to effectively stand-up a Kubernetes environment in minutes
  • How Konvoy helps accelerate your Kubernetes success

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