Managing Multi-cloud Infrastructure and Compute Cost

Learn how you can improve the Cost Management, Visibility, and Optimization for your Kubernetes distribution!

As we see Kubernetes becoming more mainstream, understanding cost management, visibility, and workload optimizations are becoming essential. Today, D2iQ Kommander provides you with the ability to implement multi-cluster management of disparate Kubernetes clusters. With out-of-the-box Kubecost, you can also enhance that management to include cost management across cloud providers. Kommander and Kubecost combine to give you the ability to provide these essential services across any cloud provider.

Join D2iQ and Kubecost for this webinar as we dive into:
  • A breakdown of costs by Cloud and Kubernetes concepts, including deployment, service, namespace label, and more. How you can view costs across multiple clusters in a single view or via a single API endpoint.
  • Joining Cloud or Kubernetes costs with any external cloud services or infrastructure spend to have a complete picture. How external costs can be shared and then attributed to any cloud concept for a comprehensive view of spend.
  • Learn how to receive dynamic recommendations for reducing spend without sacrificing performance and prioritize key infrastructure or application changes for improving resource efficiency and reliability.
  • How to quickly catch cost overruns and infrastructure outage risks before they become a problem with real-time notifications and preserving engineering workflows by integrating with tools like PagerDuty and Slack.

Key Takeaways
  • How to provide centralized management and governance for disparate cloud infrastructure and/or K8s clusters (EKS, AKS, on-prem )
  • Cost Allocation
  • Unified Cost Monitoring
  • Optimization Insights
  • Alerts and Governance

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