Kubernetes Identity and Access Management Made Easier

Although leveraging the cloud to run Kubernetes in production has many benefits, enterprises are hitting roadblocks when it comes to managing multiple EKS, AKS, or GKE clusters, as well as multiple users or groups that need access to them.

Clusters will exist in different pockets each with differing policies, roles, and configurations in their usage. When there’s a lack of governance and access control, operators are unable to identify users, govern the usage of resources, and perform compliance checks. And this problem only grows in complexity as more users and groups on-board, off-board, change teams, and projects and clusters multiply.  

In this webinar, Tommy Scherer, Senior Sales Engineer at D2iQ shares the benefits and challenges of using EKS, AKS, or GKE for Kubernetes multi-tenancy, as well as best practices and tools for success.

Watch this webinar to learn:
  • The challenges managing multiple EKS, AKS, or GKE clusters 
  • The key capabilities for Kubernetes multi-tenancy in the public cloud
  • How DKP with EKS, AKS, or GKE is a winning combination for multi-tenancy

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