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Highlights: D2iQ Self-Hosted Free Trial on AWS

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 D2iQ Kubernetes Platform Self-Hosted Free Trial

The guiding principle of D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP) design is ease of use. To this end, D2iQ engineers take great pains to make DKP as easy to manage as possible. 

Surveys show that the top challenges organizations face in deploying Kubernetes and cloud-native technologies are complexity, security, and a skills gap. 

Through a combination of DKP automation and D2iQ expert training, we have enabled DevOps teams with no Kubernetes experience to quickly become skilled Kubernetes platform managers. 

DKP enables you to overcome all of these challenges through the following features and capabilities:
  • Simplification through automation
  • Deploy in minutes, manage with ease
  • Declarative APIs for consistency and standardization
  • Centralized multi-cluster, multi-cloud fleet management
  • Integrated cost control
  • Air-gapped deployment in minutes
  • Unified Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform management through the centralized management plane.

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