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Increase flexibility yet reduce your TCO with D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP)

As organizations mature in their use of Kubernetes and move into production at scale, different projects and teams adopt a wide range of approaches to using Kubernetes without any sort of central planning or oversight, resulting in a sprawl of resources, a myriad of governance problems, and an IT environment that is difficult, if not yet impossible, to support.

Developed to address the broad issues caused by cluster sprawl, D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP) is a federated management plane that provides centralized visibility and unified control of disparate Kubernetes clusters across an organization’s on-premise, cloud, and hybrid cloud footprint.

DKP works equally well and the same with any Kubernetes platform or distribution. This breadth of capacity ensures that an organization can deliver scale, security, consistency, governance, and operational efficiency across a wide expanse of Kubernetes resources, while ensuring lifecycle management, unified policy, and better operational insights.

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