How Kubernetes is Transforming DevOps

How Kubernetes is Transforming DevOps

If your organization is using multiple containers to run apps, website front ends, or other microservices, then managing them all can start to get very tricky.

As one of the fastest growing projects in open-source history, Kubernetes (or K8s) provides a highly effective way of managing microservices. Once you install Kubernetes, it handles operations, infrastructure and service health monitoring, meaning you can focus more on development, and less on the underlying tech. 

Knowing when and how to use Kubernetes isn’t always obvious, so this session will help you get up to speed:
  • An explanation of Kubernetes in layman’s terms and how it works
  • What you can and cannot do with it
  • Difference between Kubernetes and Docker
  • Kubernetes challenges and solutions
  • Examples of Kubernetes use cases

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