Kubernetes As A Service with GitOps

Kubernetes As A Service with GitOps

”The migration to multi-cloud environments forces security and risk management leaders to rethink their network security architecture,” according to Gartner.

To be successful in your cloud-native journey, organizations need to rethink the procedure of infrastructure and workload provisioning to a more declarative approach. A declarative approach with standardized workflows centered around GitOps can increase productivity, reliability, and visibility, and reduce potential variables, which means smaller attack surfaces. And what is CAPI?

What you will learn:
  • Learn about the benefits of GitOps and how the Kubernetes architecture makes GitOps a natural fit
  • What is CAPI and why it's good for you
  • Explore best practices on how to implement a basic GitOps Kubernetes deployment at scale
  • Find out how to get your jump start with CI/CD today!

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