Announcing DKP 2.5

Announcing DKP 2.5

Discover the latest release of D2iQ's Kubernetes management platform, DKP 2.5, designed to simplify fleet management for multi-cluster deployments.

In this video, you'll learn how DKP allows you to provision clusters on multiple infrastructures with just a few simple clicks. We'll explore its capabilities, including abstracting Kubernetes management complexities and offering DKP Insights as an intelligent troubleshooting copilot. 

  • Easily expand DKP from single-cluster management platform to multi-cluster fleet management platform.  
  • Seamlessly manage clusters across all the major cloud provider services (Amazon Web Serices, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform). A customer deploying Kubernetes on AWS, for example, can easily deploy and manage clusters not only running on AWS, but on Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and on-premise deployments. Clusters can be deployed from any of these services across all the other cloud services with a single click. 
  • DKP Insights analyzes clusters and ensures that best practices are being followed. It can analyze root causes and spot problems in advance, preventing costly downtime and speeding time to resolution. 

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