The Importance of Pure Upstream Open Source Kubernetes
Solution Brief

The Importance of Pure Upstream Open-Source Kubernetes

Surveys show that a large percentage of organizations are struggling with Kubernetes deployments. One way to avoid failure in the cloud is to ensure that your Kubernetes platform is truly open.

Deploying a platform based on pure upstream Kubernetes is important for portability, avoidance of vendor lock-in, and the ability to take advantage of the continual innovation that arises within the open source community. 

Deviating from pure upstream Kubernetes can overcomplicate your infrastructure, limit extensibility, hamper upgradeability, introduce security vulnerabilities, and impede your ability to adopt innovative new services.

In this solution brief, the Kubernetes experts at D2iQ will address the following:
  • What Is Pure Upstream Open-Source Kubernetes?
  • What Is a Fork of Kubernetes?
  • What Are the Challenges Created by a Fork of Kubernetes?
  • Why Is Pure Upstream Kubernetes Important?

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