Solution Brief

Kommander: Enterprise Kubernetes Cluster Governance and Control

Kommander delivers centralized control over a wide expanse of Kubernetes resources in a world where otherwise there is none. Developed to address the broad issues caused by Kubernetes “cluster sprawl,” D2iQ’s Kommander delivers federated management, governance, and visibility across an organization’s expansive use of Kubernetes clusters.

  • Federated Management: Ensure roles and responsibilities can be separated to deliver policy-driven control and provisioning of services.
  • Organizational Governance: Empower the organization to govern Kubernetes usage to assist with compliance for regulatory, IP and other unique organizational needs.
  • Reduced Complexity: Simplify and create greater configuration consistency across organizational Kubernetes clusters. 
  • Unified Infrastructure: Deliver greater multi-cloud and hybrid experience across a myriad of operational Kubernetes distributions. 

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