Aerospike Partnership
Solution Brief

Better Together: Aerospike™ on the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform

D2iQ and Aerospike have partnered to help developers and data architects spend less and save more delivering mission-critical applications that drive business value at scale.

Aerospike is a multi-model NoSQL real-time data platform that enables high-speed data processing at scale and handles large real-time transactional workloads that support mission-critical applications. The Aerospike Kubernetes Operator is certified on the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP) to let you efficiently deploy and operate Aerospike clusters. 

DKP automates the management of common tasks such as the configuration, provisioning, scaling, and recovery of Aerospike clusters, thereby reducing the complexity of manual deployment and lifecycle management. The combined solution helps to accelerate deployment of cloud-native applications, reduce cloud footprint and costs, and improve availability and application performance at any scale.

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