The concept of Day 2 is focused on outcomes: taking applications to production in order to drive value for your business. D2iQ is committed to helping you take advantage of the speed and agility offered by Kubernetes and accelerating the time-to-value of your project by enabling your journey to production with the technology, training, expert services and support you’ll need to be successful.
For a limited time, we are offering a special promotion to help you achieve your cloud native objectives faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.
A successful implementation requires more than just technology. D2iQ will provide you with training, professional services, support, and of course the technology needed to ensure Day 2 success, all for just $25,000! Choose from four potential project outcomes to accelerate your Kubernetes journey.

Pick Your Path to Cloud Native Success

This offering provides a choice of four distinct cloud native enablement paths—shortcuts to success. You can select from the following:
Kubernetes Pilot: Get an enterprise-grade Kubernetes deployment up and running with minimal time and hassle, so your team can explore this powerful platform;
GitOps and Cloud Native CI/CD with Dispatch: Give your developers the cloud native CI/CD process and toolchain your cloud native applications deserve;
Data Services with KUDO: Deploy an enterprise grade Kafka cluster leveraging the KUDO Kafka Operator; or
Application On-boarding: Learn the basics of deploying, maintaining, and scaling containerized applications on Kubernetes

What Comes in the “Box”

Professional Training

1 day of our new MK1000 Training, specific to Konvoy and Kommander, for up to 10 people.

Field Engineering Resources

1 day of Field Engineering Resources to enable completion of the pre-installation checklist and deployment of a Konvoy-managed Kubernetes cluster.

Professional Services

3 days of Professional Services to activate the chosen Cloud Native enablement path.

Subscription to Konvoy

And a 12-month subscription to Konvoy, with up to 100 cores and 7/24/365 enterprise-grade support.

Get Started

Because one size doesn’t fit all, we have additional promotional offerings if you need more time and space to tell your story. Check out our Kubernetes and GitOps starter packs, with additional service days and Konvoy cores, also at a special introductory low price.
Download our Shortcut to Success Solution Brief today, to get the details and choose the path that is right for you, or contact us directly to learn more.

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