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Embrace True Cloud Native CI/CD GitOps Processes

Store build system configurations in Git so you can migrate to a new build cluster with ease and confidence.

Minimize Onboarding and Ramp Up Time

Choose from multiple pipeline configurations, such as CUE, Starlark, JSON, and YAML, so you can develop pipelines with powerful programming constructs, without having to slow down or learn another language.

Gain Greater Flexibility Across Cloud Native Architectures

Leverage the best open source and CNCF projects, such as Tekton and ArgoCD, to build and deploy applications without the risk of vendor lock-in.

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Empower DevOps With Modern GitOps Processes

Empower developers and operators to rapidly build, deploy, and manage the application lifecycle using modern GitOps processes. Dispatch is designed to enable a clear separation of responsibilities between developers and operators, so that developers can publish independently without being slowed down, and operators can deploy in harmony.
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Enable Developers to Manage Their Own Pipelines

Enhance productivity by enabling developers to independently manage their pipeline, without central teams slowing them down. With multiple choices for pipeline configuration, development teams can create pipelines with powerful programming constructs, deploy applications to multiple environments, and rollout strategies to ensure zero downtime.
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Provide Enterprise Architects With Best Practices

Provide recommendations to teams on best practices or set center of excellence guidelines, so you can efficiently leverage Kubernetes integrations for Day 2 operational needs. Architects can maintain compliance by obtaintaining a historical view of holistic changes to code, infrastructure, and deployments. This provides development teams with easy auditing and repeatable deployments, thereby saving valuable deployment time and resources.

Features and Benefits

GitOps-Based Application Build and Development

Store both pipeline configuration and application deployment configuration in a Git repository.

Multiple Choices for Pipeline Configuration

Choose from CUE (JSON-like), Starlark (Python-like), JSON, or YAML to configure build pipelines.

Cloud Native Components

Leverage CNCF projects, such as Tekton and Argo, that natively take advantage of Kubernetes' built in facilities, such as compute, network, storage, and security.

Multi-tenancy for Build Pipelines

Enable different developer teams to run their pipelines in different Kubernetes namespaces for secure separation and governance.

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