D2iQ • July 24, 2023
D2iQ Unveils New DKP Integrated AI Chatbot
D2iQ ushers in a new era in cloud-native computing with the launch of DKP AI Navigator, a natural-language AI assistant that simplifies Kubernetes management and enables DevOps teams to solve the most complex problems with greater ease.
SAN FRANCISCO, Jul. 24, 2023 --  D2iQ, the leading Kubernetes management platform provider, today announced DKP AI Navigator, empowering enterprise organizations to overcome one of the biggest challenges they face in adopting cloud-native technology–the skills gap.

Through a user-friendly interface, DKP AI Navigator enables organizations to harness more than a decade of the D2iQ team's experience and expertise in managing large container-based deployments.

"As the cloud, AI, and Kubernetes continue to converge, building an intelligent infrastructure is the critical foundation for organizations looking to adopt and leverage AI to power automation, decision-making, and product innovation," said D2iQ CEO Tobi Knaup. "DKP AI Navigator gives organizations unprecedented knowledge and insights that will enable them to more easily manage cloud-native Kubernetes environments and achieve the agility they seek in their modernization initiatives."

Expert Knowledge Base Is the Key Differentiator

Survey after survey shows that the biggest problem enterprises face in adopting Kubernetes is the skills gap. DKP AI Navigator helps organizations solve this problem by bringing the accumulated knowledge of the world's leading Kubernetes experts into D2iQ customers' environments.

Of critical significance is that DKP AI Navigator has been trained on D2iQ's internal knowledge-base that houses solutions to the thorniest problems that customers have encountered in production. For example, DKP AI Navigator can help DevOps teams:

  • Repair misconfigured clusters
  • Resolve upgrade failures
  • Identify and correct YAML coding errors
  • Trace and correct system failures

This means that D2iQ customers have instant access to that expertise in an easy-to-use natural-language tool integrated directly into the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP), through which they can manage Kubernetes fleets via a single pane of glass. DKP AI Navigator also has been trained on DKP product documentation, making it an exceptionally adept tutor for cloud-native beginners.

Deep Kubernetes Experience

D2iQ has been supporting modern container-based applications for more than a decade and has been working on Kubernetes for the majority of that time. D2iQ's award-winning support team handles inquiries with a more than 99% satisfaction rating, and the solutions to difficult problems are continually added to our knowledge base (anonymized, naturally).

By training DKP AI Navigator on this incredibly rich data set, D2iQ is able to bring the power of that decade-plus experience directly to customers. In addition, D2iQ's support team remains an easy-to-access resource. Together, the combination of DKP AI Navigator plus 24/7 on-call support expertise is an invaluable resource unparalleled in the industry.

DKP AI Navigator will be available with the launch of DKP 2.6 in August.

About D2iQ

D2iQ is the leading provider of enterprise-grade cloud platforms that enable organizations to embrace open-source and cloud-native innovations while delivering smarter Day 2 operations. With unmatched experience driving some of the world's largest cloud deployments, D2iQ empowers organizations to better navigate and accelerate cloud-native journeys with enterprise-grade technologies, training, professional services and support. Whether you are deploying your first Kubernetes workload, optimizing your business analytics with Spark or Jupyter, or looking to educate your developers on the benefits of cloud-native, D2iQ has the expertise, services, and technology to enable you to succeed. D2iQ is headquartered in San Francisco, with additional offices in London and Hamburg, Germany. D2iQ investors include Andreessen Horowitz, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Khosla Ventures, Koch Disruptive Technologies, Microsoft, and T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. Find us at D2iQ.com.

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