D2iQ • December 15, 2021
D2iQ Updates Kubernetes Platform with More Streamlined Operations
Leading independent Kubernetes platform improves automation and management of production-ready workflows, simplifying data pipeline provisioning and reducing downtime
SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 15, 2021 -- SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- D2iQ, a leading independent Kubernetes platform, today announced version 2.1 of the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP). The latest update of DKP improves automation for DevOps to enable more efficient operations while enhancing the power and flexibility of Kubernetes. With full integration of GitOps workflows for easier management of Kubernetes clusters in production environments, DKP 2.1 reduces the operational loads on developer teams.

D2iQ Kubernetes Platform Enhancements

DKP 2.1 allows organizations to quickly scale production workloads by providing real-time data to support an application's life cycle, management of EKS and AKS clusters, simplified air-gapped installation, and single-command cluster provisioning and de-provisioning. In addition, DKP supports NVIDIA's DGX line of dedicated ML/AI machines, providing more flexibility when deploying Kubernetes clusters at scale.

"Organizations now rely on Kubernetes to run critical daily operations but are often faced with challenges related to complexity and the scaling of manual tasks when moving to production environments," said Tobi Knaup, CEO and co-founder of D2iQ. "DKP 2.1 is the latest example of our commitment to improving our customers' experience as they deploy and run Kubernetes workloads across the enterprise. These new features ultimately enable organizations to capitalize on the speed and agility that Kubernetes provides by more easily managing complex multi-cloud environments in Day 2 operations."

Additional key features for DKP 2.1 include:

  • Full management of EKS and AKS: DKP 2.1 improves automation for DevOps, allowing for full lifecycle management of EKS and AKS clusters within D2iQ Kommander.
  • Improved Diagnostic Bundles: DKP's improved diagnostic bundles accelerate the identification of problems, enabling more efficient operations that reduce costs and burnout across operating teams.
  • Simplification of Air-gapped Installation: Extending D2iQ's leadership position in deploying Kubernetes in air-gapped environments, DKPnow enables organizations to create specific bundles for OS dependencies with Konvoy and Kommander, reducing the time required to diagnose and fix problems and helping to eliminate downtime.
  • Quick Upgrade Process: DKP 2.1 enables in-place upgrades from Konvoy 1.8.3 to Konvoy 2.1, streamlining upgrade efforts for operation teams and enhancing customer choice around where and how to run Kubernetes.

DKP 2.1 is generally available now. For more information on DKP 2.1, visit www.D2iQ.com.

About D2iQ

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