D2iQ • July 26, 2022
D2iQ and EITCO partner up to accelerate German cloud native apps on Kubernetes
SAN FRANCISCO, Jul. 26, 2022 -- D2iQ, the leading enterprise Kubernetes provider for smart cloud-native applications, is partnering up with European IT Consultancy EITCO GmbH to automate and transform its delivery of IT solutions to the German public sector.  

As a trusted partner of many public corporations, EITCO helps digitalise national, state, and local administrations in line with regulatory requirements. Through this partnership, D2iQ will enable automation for EITCO via the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP) as it scales up deployment of software solutions and cloud native workloads on behalf of its customers. 

Crucially, the addition of Kubernetes to EITCO’s arsenal will allow its cloud native apps to benefit from increased agility and resilience, while being simpler and less costly in its use. This in turn will empower EITCO’s customers in the German public sector and regulated industries with intelligent and efficient high-security solutions to achieve greater production outcomes for their most mission critical applications, workloads, and data.

“This partnership represents a welcome display of collaboration on the international tech stage, given the military-grade security that goes into DKP,” said Tobi Knaup, Chief Executive Officer at D2iQ. “It’s a demonstration of our continued commitment to building out a partner ecosystem, applying our successes within the U.S. public sector to other markets and regulated industries.”
D2iQ has previously supported high-profile enterprises and multiple branches of the U.S government with some of the most sophisticated security needs in the world, including the United States Air Force, Homeland Security, and many others.

“We have a proud history of building applications and digital solutions for the German public sector and our clients in the healthcare sector to optimise their IT processes,” said Marcel Falcke, IT Management Consultant at EITCO. “In the German market, advancing the cloud native paradigm is critical to service delivery, and D2iQ’s solution for open source container orchestration will enormously reduce complexity, increase speed to Day2, and deliver agility for the apps we build.” 

Marcel Falcke added, “When it comes to delivering citizen services, security remains and will continue to be a major priority for public sector organisations. D2iQ offered the end-to-end solution we needed to enable reliable and secure planning, scheduling, and budgeting.”

D2iQ recently released the newest version 2.2 of its DKP. giving enterprises more control and visibility when managing Kubernetes deployments in any environment.  DKP 2.2 along with Kaptain AI/ML 2.1 enables customers to accelerate smart cloud native application production deployments. 

At EITCO, we see ourselves as product-independent digitalization consultants who actively participate in the digitalization of companies and organisations of all kinds. With the idea of "Your Digital Future", EITCO develops software solutions that make workflows more effective. Since 1978, EITCO has been offering custom-fit digital solutions for companies and administrations. Customers from public administration from the communal to the federal level, well-known national and international companies as well as numerous institutions already trust in our competence. For more information visit:  https://www.eitco.de/ 

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D2iQ accelerates Day 2 success for smart cloud-native applications on enterprise Kubernetes. The D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP) includes everything needed to adopt Kubernetes easily and expand Kubernetes use to multiple clusters across any infrastructure, whether on-premise, in the cloud, in air-gapped environments, or at the edge, and to enable smart cloud-native applications. D2iQ eliminates roadblocks to success, such as lack of skills, with our Kubernetes and cloud-native expertise, alleviates operational complexity with a simpler and easy-to-use platform, and addresses security concerns with military-grade security. D2iQ is headquartered in San Francisco with additional offices in London and Hamburg. D2iQ investors include Andreessen Horowitz, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Khosla Ventures, Koch Disruptive Technologies, Microsoft, and T.Rowe Price Associates, Inc. Find us at http://www.d2iq.com.

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