D2iQ is an AWS APN Advanced Technology Partner with an AWS Container Competency

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Develop Cloud Native Applications Faster with D2iQ and AWS

As organizations rapidly move to cloud native and open source technologies, they are unexpectedly being confronted with a fast changing and complex landscape of technologies many of which haven’t been proven in an enterprise environment. Further, the cost is unsustainable as they deploy more and more of these very complex services which are not easily navigated or integrated requiring exceptional effort to select, deploy and maintain.

D2iQ on AWS Ensures Your Successful Day 2 Operations from Day 1

  • Reduce time to market for your Kubernetes deployment from months to days with the easiest and most comprehensive K8s distribution in the industry
  • Unique mixed workload testing for ensuring application and service interoperability
  • Expert training, services and support necessary to assist your team in standing up and operating your deployment

Joint D2iQ and AWS Benefits

Enterprise-Grade Scalability

D2iQ and AWS deliver a holistic approach to enterprise-grade technology with the combination of lifecycle management, scalability, security, docs, management, and monitoring on AWS infrastructure.

Unmatched Industry Expertise

As one of the original cloud innovators, D2iQ has driven some of the world’s largest cloud deployments. Our team of experts provide customers with best-practice guidance and support across the full cloud-native landscape deployed on AWS infrastructure.

Technology Agnostic Approach

D2iQ’s broad partner ecosystem of cloud-native technologies and industry expertise enables us to provide services and support for the open-source technologies that our customers love the most deployed on the most widely used infrastructure provider; AWS.

Joint Solution Capabilities with AWS

AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) is a managed Kubernetes service. D2iQ offers integrated cluster creation for EKS. If a user is an existing AWS user, EKS is the only Kubernetes service that lets the user take advantage of the tight integration with other AWS services and features.

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