How it works

It’s all about signing up to participate!

Signing up means you’ll receive email invitations to participate in user research studies with D2iQ when there is an appropriate match. You’ll be helping us improve D2iq products, including existing features and those that are still in development, and developing tools for our cloud-native open source landscape! We may ask you to test a prototype, or we might interview you to better understand your job, responsibilities, pain points, and general experiences with our products and services. 

Participating also means - as a current D2iQ customer or industry practitioner - you’ll also get a sneak peek at what’s coming and how we are innovating in the cloud-native journey space. You will also directly influence what we build for you if you are already a D2iQ customer! Your participation also supports the open source software community since we develop products to enable the entire CNCF ecosystem.



When you sign up for the program, we have clear and open terms & conditions and securely store your information with a trusted industry participant management vendor. We then use the information you provided to us just to match you to the right studies based on our current and always evolving testing needs. We will only use the information you trusted us with to match you with appropriate studies. We don’t like spam either. The more information you can please share with us, the more targeted we can be to properly invite you to participate in research study with us.

Participant profiles

We are looking for people who are building or utilizing cloud native software; whether you use D2iQ or not. We are looking to meet with brand new users and experts alike.

Our ultimate goal is to have a deep understanding of the people who are using products and services like ours so our teams can work in a unified manner focused on the right user goals and pain points.

Professionals we are specifically interested to meet with:

  • Application Developer
  • Cloud/ Platform Architect
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Infrastructure Operations Manager
  • IT Executive
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Site Reliability Engineer
What are the benefits of participating

So many! Besides helping us to design software to better address your goals and pain points:

  • For each live session you complete you will receive an honorarium, an incentive, that you can redeem for fun money or donate to charity.
  • Sneak peek at what’s coming and how we are innovating in the cloud-native journey space.
  • Directly influence the design and development of software that empowers your work.
  • Support the open source software community. We develop products to enable the entire CNCF ecosystem. 

At the end of the day, you are helping us design software based on how you work, and not just how you are clicking or typing.

What products are we testing

We test all products offered by D2iQ - beta, released, and prototypes of future releases - as part of the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP) including:

We test all these products’ interfaces: user interfaces (UI), command-line interfaces (CLI), and external facing APIs.

User research methods we use

We use numerous industry standard user research methods to test our products and uncover true workflow needs, user goals, and pain points: 

  • Product feedback sessions
  • User testing (remote or in-person)
  • User interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Surveys
  • Site visits
  • Brainstorm sessions / design jams
What to expect during your research study session

During a study, we will typically have you test out existing products, new designs, or even a concept or prototype to get your feedback. We may also interview you about your work process to better understand and serve your overall goals and pain points. Most sessions last about one hour and are conducted one-on-one with a researcher. Some other participants may be in attendance like engineers or product managers working on the product to listen in, but we’ll introduce them. Please keep in mind that we are in no way testing you during this time. This is about testing our products and ideas to see if they are meeting your workflow needs.

  • Sign up quickly: Research is fun so is the honorarium, but it also means open time slots get booked up quickly. Our team schedules on a first-come, first-serve basis based on fit. You’ll be asked to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement as well to confirm your attendance and so we can keep our intellectual property secure. We might not always be able to schedule you for your first pick, but it helps to act fast when you get invited and also give us a couple day/time options to work with.
  • Have good internet & a quiet space: Please make sure you’re in a quiet space with good internet connectivity before logging into your session. We prefer to hear you loud and clear.
  • No screenshots or recordings: Some of our stuff is top-secret and we wish to keep it that way. If you’re already a customer, your non-disclosure agreement may already be covered by our main contract agreement. If you are not a customer we will ask you to sign an NDA in advance.
  • Keep us updated: If you’re running behind or something comes up and you cannot make the session, please let us know as much in advance as possible. Sometimes unavoidable things come up and we completely understand. We can often reschedule to accommodate for another day and time.
  • Give us direct feedback: Our feelings will not be hurt and we selected you so we just ask to please give us your honest and direct feedback. Please articulate with us your true viewpoints so we can work off of that to make the necessary improvements. 

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