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User Research @ D2iQ

Impact the design of products powering the cloud-native journey

Benefits of Participating


Sneak peek at what’s coming and how we are innovating in the cloud- native journey space.


Directly influence the design and development of software that empowers your work.


Support the open source software community. We develop products to enable the entire CNCF ecosystem.

Join us in designing the future of your cloud-native journey and infrastructure

The infrastructure technology landscape is complex but at the end of the day, this technology is purchased, operationalized, and maintained by technology professionals. Feedback from our users is key and high-valued in how we design products and prioritize features at D2iQ. We use numerous industry standard user research methods to test our products and uncover true workflow needs, user goals, and pain points.

Participate from anywhere in the world

Currently we are conducting user research studies remotely, but as the world opens back up we will gladly welcome you to also participate in our SF or Hamburg offices,and also at industry events. For remote studies, you can participate from your home or office. Typically very little to no preparation is required on your part. After your session, you'll receive an honorarium in appreciation for your time. By taking part in user research, you are helping us build and refine products to serve your professional needs.

Support open source software

Your participation also supports the open source software community since we develop products to enable the entire CNCF ecosystem by embracing standard interfaces such as operators (KUDO was developed and donated by D2iQ), networking, logging, monitoring and storage (CSI was developed and donated by D2iQ), and allowing customers to choose the best innovation to fit their objectives and not restricting them.

Getting invited for a user research study - not SPAM

When you sign up for the program, we have clear and open terms & conditions and securely store your information with a trusted industry participant management vendor. We then only use the information you provided to us just to match you to the appropriate studies based on our current and always evolving testing needs. We don’t like spam either. The more information you can please share with us, the more targeted we can be to properly invite you to participate in the right research study with us.

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