Future of Cluster Management: Panel Discussion with Twitter, Yelp, Uber & Netflix

Representatives from Twitter, Yelp, Uber, and Netflix — organizations operating some of the largest Mesos clusters we know — talk about where they think the future of cluster management is going.

This panel discussion, held at MesosCon NA 2017, covers speakers' work with containers, including their past work with with FreeBSD jails; getting Mesos up and running for production; migrating production traffic onto Mesos; and designing cloud-native schedulers for mixed workloads, stream processing, and batch and service workloads. 

Ian Downes from Twitter, Sam Eaton from Yelp, Zhitao Li from Uber, and Sharma Podila from Netflix dive into the role of open source in the community, the challenges they faced when moving into large cluster management workloads, mixed workloads that may not be aligned with each other and how to handle different types of services and workloads. 

The panel also discusses the biggest challenges & greatest opportunities for cluster management going forward, including how techniques used for workload management can apply to developing machine learning and AI technologies.

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