Solution Brief

Dispatch: GitNative CI/CD for Enterprise-Grade GitOps

Dispatch is a pre-packaged Gitnative CI/CD platform that leverages Kubernetes’ native services to enhance build and deployment capabilities. By design, Dispatch is a stateless GitOps service for ecosystem integration that is modular and helps implement best-in-class, cloud native services.

  • Enable Developers to Manage Their Own Pipelines: Enhance productivity by enabling developers to independently manage
       their pipeline, without central teams slowing them down.

  • Multiple Choices for Pipeline Configuration: Choose from CUE (JSON-like), Starlark (Python-like), JSON, or YAML to configure build pipelines.   

  • Empower DevOps With Modern GitOps Processes: Empower developers and operators to rapidly build, deploy, and manage the application lifecycle using modern GitOps processes.

  • Provide Enterprise Architects With Best Practices: Provide recommendations to teams on best practices or set center of excellence guidelines, so they can efficiently leverage Kubernetes integrations for Day 2 operational needs.

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