O'Reilly eBook: Migrating Legacy Java Applications to the Cloud

Simplify operations, improve security, and lower costs for traditional Java EE applications on any infrastructure.

Today's enterprises face the same scale and innovation challenges of early web scale companies such as Google, Facebook, and Netflix. However, unlike those web scale organizations that enjoyed the luxury of building their applications from scratch, many enterprises cannot afford to rewrite and re-architect all their applications, especially traditional mission-critical Java EE apps. The good news is that enterprises do not have to rewrite all their applications or migrate them entirely to the cloud to benefit from this modern architecture. There are solutions that allow enterprises to benefit from cloud infrastructure without the headaches. In this guide written by O'Reilly Media, your organization will learn the ways to migrate classical Java EE applications to newly provisioned digital infrastructure—including public, private, and hybrid clouds—without requiring significant rewrites. 

What you will learn:

  • The requirements of applications and infrastructure for cloud computing in an enterprise context
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to refresh applications for deployment to a digital infrastructure
  • The organizational processes that must change to support modern development practices such as CI/CD
  • The security considerations of distributed systems in order to reduce exposure to new attack vectors

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