O'Reilly eBook: Designing & Building Architecture for Microservices

Your guide to the best practices, patterns, and requirements for building microservice architecture for the digital native infrastructures at the core of today’s most transformative technologies.

Cloud native infrastructure is more than servers, network, and storage in the cloud—it is as much about operational hygiene as it is about elasticity and scalability. This book reveals the hard-earned lessons on architecting infrastructure from companies such as Google, Amazon, and Netflix drawing inspiration from projects adopted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). It also provides examples of patterns seen in existing tools such as Kubernetes. In this excerpt of “Cloud Native Infrastructure,” you will learn
  • Understand why cloud native infrastructure is necessary to effectively run cloud native applications
  • Guidelines to decide when—and if—your business should adopt cloud native practices
  • Patterns for deploying and managing infrastructure and applications
  • Design tests to prove that your infrastructure works as intended in a variety of edge cases
  • How to secure infrastructure with policy as code

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