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Join the networking working group, and atteend the meeting on December 19th at 10:30 am PT.

Dec 12, 2016





The Networking Working Group is responsible for all networking functionality across DC/OS, and is currently focused on supporting the following functionality in the DC/OS network stack:


  • CNI support for UCR (Universal Container Runtime).
  • CNM support for Docker Containerizer.
  • East-west load-balancing for DC/OS services.
  • North-south load-balancing for DC/OS services.
  • Service discovery and IP/Container Solutions.


Our Next Working Group Meeting—December 19


When: December 19th at 10:30 am PT


Where: Zoom


Proposed Agenda:


  • Charter for this working group and where we currently stand with the existing work
  • DC/OS 1.9 preview: features that are coming and how to help test and validate
  • DC/OS 1.10 roadmap exploration
  • Proposed meeting schedule for Jan and Feb
  • Q&A


Join Us!


  1. Join the mailing list. It is where we will share longer-form content and make announcements about the working group.
  2. Join the #networking-wg channel in the DC/OS Slack community. It is where to ask questions and share shorter-form ideas.
  3. We look forward to seeing you on Zoom on December 19th at 10:30 am PT.


Working Group Leaders



Somik Behera : email | Twitter | GitHub



Sargun Dhillon : email | Twitter | GitHub



Avinash Sridharan : email | Twitter | GitHub



Jie Yu : email | Twitter | GitHub

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