Introduction to ZooKeeper

Learn about ZooKeeper, one of the distributed systems that underpins DC/OS.

Oct 14, 2016

Sunil Shah


A few weeks ago, Patrick Hunt, a committer to the Apache ZooKeeper project and engineer at Cloudera, came to talk to the DC/OS team about ZooKeeper. ZooKeeper is a fundamental component of DC/OS, and a dependency of both Apache Mesos (the distributed kernel that underpins DC/OS) and Marathon (the distributed init.d that is used to run services within DC/OS).


ZooKeeper is used for a number of important tasks in DC/OS, including:


  • Leader election of the Mesos master
  • Leader detection of the Mesos master by masters, agents and scheduler drivers
  • Persisting Marathon state information
  • Coordination between other DC/OS services


In his talk, Patrick introduces ZooKeeper and covers topics including its history, leader election, performance, recipes for success and their roadmap for the future. Check out the full recording below!


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