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Gartner Market Guide for Container Management Software

Container management capabilities and use-cases.

Sep 19, 2018

Sara E. Davila


In a recent report, Gartner identified four (4) of the top challenges that arise when trying to decide on an integrated platform solution for scaling containers.


Challenge: Targeting the right person

The primary adopters of container technology are application developers yet container management software vendors target I&O leaders when trying to develop opportunities.


Solution: Collaboration

Partner with your developer community early to ensure all requirements are  equally considered.


Challenge: Options

With solutions from startups and PaaS and OS vendors it can be difficult to find the best solution for your organization


Solution: Evaluation criteria

Identify your evaluation criteria, outside of just orchestration to better compare the offerings


Challenge: Capabilities

While container orchestration is a key consideration, so is application life cycle integration, policy management, monitoring, security, storage, networking, governance, and API and management UI functionality


Solution: Focus on Security and Monitoring

Prioritize security/governance and logging/monitoring as a key selection criterion to ensure management of the environment


Challenge: Multicloud

It is too early to tell if the mutiiloud model will be successful?


Solution: Go with an SP

Choose a managed service provider, doing so will enable faster satisfaction of user requirements.


To learn more about these challenges and how to solve them; download the full report.

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