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Designing Data-Intensive Applications, a Free eBook from O'Reilly and Mesosphere

Download this O'Reilly book excerpt to learn the best approach for processing and storing data, & how to architect always-on applications.

May 02, 2017

Eryn Muetzel


We are excited to announce the release of a new book from O'Reilly Media, Designing Data-Intensive Applications. Mesosphere has teamed up with O'Reilly to offer an excerpt from the eBook as a free download.


The most valuable applications to today's businesses are all data-driven. But architecting, deploying, and scaling always-on applications that ingest massive quantities of data from millions of endpoints is not a simple feat.


Download this free book excerpt from O'Reilly to learn how to design and build more successful data-intensive applications. This book lays out the key principles and considerations for building successful data-intensive applications, including the foundations of application architecture and how to determine which technologies are appropriate for your specific purpose.


The free preview edition features two chapters from Designing Data-Intensive Applications:


  • Chapter 1 - Reliable, Scalable, and Maintainable Applications. An overview of the requirements and key considerations for building data-rich applications
  • Chapter 11 - Stream Processing. Approaches and tools for building applications that utilize real-time streams of data


Mesosphere is proud to offer this excerpt, as we are focused on making it insanely easy to build and elastically scale data-rich, modern applications. Our platform, Mesosphere DC/OS, allows you to deploy both containers and big data services with push-button ease. DC/OS also stitches together your entire datacenter and all your cloud instances into a single set of compute resources to simplify operations and maximize efficiency.


Get your free copy of the Designing Data-Intensive Applications eBook today.

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